The Ketchup President

I've been sick in bed with a bad cold all week and just discovered Sudafed. Duh.
Feeling better already.


World AIDS Day

December 1 is day with(out) art.
Read more about it here http://www.thebody.com/visualaids/dwa/dwa2006.html

Thank you for your kind attention to this important matter.


What Art Does

Usually, art takes my mind off my hair. But now it's gone farther.

I took this picture of my car in March.
The "I" stands for "impeach."
The "A" stands for "already."

What's taking so long???


Dark Dark Dark

Thanksgiving blessings to you all as we enjoy my favorite holiday tomorrow.

November 22
always reminds me how far we have not come, and what might have been.


With apologies to Gandhi.