Here's an Idea

Leave a comment at MyObama.com. Here's mine:

Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden,

You need to pursue President Bush and his administration for high crimes and misdemeanors. You need to announce your intention to do so.

If you don't, you have given us no reason to believe that you are anything other than a toy of the powers behind the throne who control your every move.

Unless and until, people who believe as I do will continue to "throw our votes away" on Ralph, Cynthia, Bob Barr, or Ron Paul because we have to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

What say you?

Elizabeth F. Kaplan
Democrat and Patriot



Cutting Wasteful Spending Begins at Home

Yes, she looked beautiful. You and I would too wearing all that money!

But, it's the hypocrisy, people.

Of course she can afford to wear $300,000 -- with INHERITED money. But the Republicans' credo of pulling oneself up by our bootstraps when some of us don't have any boots is the problem with their thinking and their actions.

Remember, Bush had the most expensive inauguration party ever when he kept saying we were "at war." And that was for his second term!

Behind the glitz, all I can see is waste, waste, waste. Money, lives, resources, words.

So sad.