Love the Fetus, Hate the Child

Congress must override Bush's veto of kids' health care

Once again, President Bush and Scott Garrett have shown that they love children, but only before they are born. The President makes a big show of protecting the blastocyst, but real, live, sick children must fend for themselves.

These unfeeling, out-of-touch theocrats need to research what "working poor" means and how they and the privileged few should bless their lucky stars for having government-sponsored healthcare for themselves and their families, but for the rest of us 99.99%, money for sick children is simply beyond their conscience.

Billions for bombs and The Pentagon, and pennies for vaccines and health care. Shame on them. Who would Jesus insure?

General Batiste tells Limbaugh to STOP INSULTING OUR TROOPS. You can too.

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I'm 55 and have been knitting since I was 8. I took a multi-decade detour into quilting and multimedia collage, but when I started watching Knitty Gritty on HGTV, and saw that knitting (and YARN!!) had changed so much, I'm knitting again almost daily.

God bless the internet!


Washington with Ralph, Ramsey, Cindy, and Diane

Hey, check THIS out too:

So many people wrote to the Washington Post complaining about their biased coverage of the September 15 Mass March on Washington that they ran the photo above showing the huge size of the demonstration, accompanied by letters that criticized their coverage. Hey, maybe protesting THE MEDIA works?
I was in DC on the 15th...

Sept15 button
... The next demo in DC is Sept 29


Enough is Enough!!


A Million Blogs for Peace

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Happy New Year

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